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About NBA 2K18 First Screenshots Feature Isaiah Thomas, Paul George and DeMar DeRozan News

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The first screenshots of NBA 2K18 have been released and they feature Toronto Raptors shooting guard and NBA 2K Canada cover athlete DeMar DeRozan, Boston Celtics' Isaiah Thomas and last year's cover athlete and new Oklahoma City Thunder star Paul George.

One of the first things you may notice is that the players appear to have more realistic body types. Last year, many of the players looked a little too hefty, but these three renders are more appropriately scaled. Here's a look at all players:

Fans are likely wondering why it took so long for 2K to reveal in-game screenshots. One of the hangups stems from the NBA's new partnership with Nike. The athletic apparel company has to be the first to reveal the jerseys, so 2K can only show screenshots of players/uniforms that Nike has already revealed.

That could be the reason Cleveland Cavaliers' star and cover athlete Kyrie Irving hasn't been featured in any of the screenshots. The other reason is probably associated with the potential Irving trade.

2K is already facing a potential cover alteration if Irving is dealt before the game is released. Chances are, the publisher doesn't want to flood social media with in-game images of Irving in a Cavs uniform if he is going to be traded to another team.

At any rate, the intense flow of information ahead of release has begun for NBA 2K18. Be on the lookout for information on modes and features in the coming days and weeks. NBA 2K18 releases on PS4, XB1, PS3, Xbox 360, PC and Nintendo Switch on September 15 for those who pre-order.

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