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NBA 2K18 Player Ratings Show and Contains A Few Surprises

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With NBA 2K18's release just around the corner, 2K continues to reveal more details about its various modes and features. But one of the most anticipated bits of news concerns its player ratings, and we now know who the game considers to be the very best.

Among other things, 2K has shared a list of the top 10 players by overall rating. Unsurprisingly, LeBron James occupies the No. 1 spot with a 97 rating, and he's followed just behind by Kevin Durant with a 96. Kawhi Leonard and--in a surprise--James Harden come in tied for third, putting Harden ahead of both Steph Curry and reigning MVP Russell Westbrook. 

Also notable is rising superstar Giannis Antetokounmpo making the top 10 but Kyrie Irving--the cover star of 2K18--not making the cut. As revealed in the top 10 point guard ratings, Irving is actually the fourth highest rated player at the position, trailing Curry, Westbrook, and Chris Paul. Irving's overall rating is a 90, compared to 89 for Isaiah Thomas, who was one part of the package that Irving was recently traded for, thereby wrecking the game's cover.

Keep in mind, these player ratings can and will change throughout the season as roster updates are released. And you can, of course, always tinker with players' stats as you wish, although you're stuck using the official ones--it's utter madness that Draymond Green is only an 88--when playing online.

NBA 2K18 launches on September 19, or four days sooner for those who pre-order. The likes of Kobe Bryant and Kevin Garnett have joined the rotating commentary booth, while 2K is also introducing a new Neighborhoods feature, which serves as a social space in the vein of Destiny's Tower.

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